Blog filler 01

Next week will be the last week in school for this year. Hence, our professors loaded us with academic stuff because we procrastinated so much for the past 2 months of this sem.


This is what I look like right now.

Got 8 chapters of readings for our quiz in Marketing.

Got a week to finish a Marketing study.

Got quizzes on hardcore subjects.

Got so much org-related things to do.

Also, we’re already going to choose our groupmates in our project feasibility study and we were asked to search for companies where we will have our OJT. No, please don’t let us give our PFS topics yet.

We were also asked to declare our field trip destination of choice, the choices of which are Singapore or Cebu/Bohol. The former costs roughly Php 30k and the latter, Php 13k. I already told my mother about this and it seems that I really have to be a very good girl in 2012. I haven’t told her the three-day retreat at Batangas. 🙁 /wrist

After this hell week, I promise to catch-up on Guilty Crown and The Big Bang Theory, watch Horizon, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Immortals, finish all the 6 Metal Slug games 5 times. I really hope my friends will provide me AVI copies of the aforementioned shows. I also wanna beat the hell out of FF13. 3 discs of cut scenes, yes.

AIESEC’s Global Youth Summit tomorrow~

Then my friends and I are going to study for our CompApp quiz. =_=

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