University Life Challenge

While waiting for my downloads to finish, I’ll answer this challenge (supposed to be answered each day, but whatever lol) because this online activity consumes the least percentage of our ISP bandwidth. XD

Day 1 – Which college was your number one choice? Are you going to that school? If not, how did you handle the rejection? If so, is it everything you always thought it would be?

Well of course my first choice was this other school, because it is the convention. For some reason my school has this mild ‘that school or GTFO’ mentality. Also, it was the only school back then (brb feeling old) that offers the course my parents wanted me to pursue (that I realized I don’t like and I suck at). So yeah, I’m not going there right now. The rejection? Hmmm I remember being broken hearted, well because I realized that I didn’t plan for anything at all, I just followed my parents all the way. I realized that after all, I don’t have a dream school, dream course or whatever. I just realized it when I was already in college. So apparently I ended up going to the course and school that fits me. Interestingly, I got to find what fits me when no one planned for it. XD Another interesting fact, on my second year of college, the school I ended up going to offered that rare degree program my parents wanted me to pursue, hence being the second school in the Philippines that has it. Didn’t shift anyway haha.

Day 2 – What school do you go to? What is something that makes your school unique, or that makes the school special to you?

This certain school beybeh! Well I think what’s really unique about this school is the conservative environment, being a Catholic university and all that. That’s what I like about it, though it just suck the school has gotten involved in lots of issues due to its Catholic standing. And there are some ethical standards that are not applicable to the current generation anymore.

Day 3 – If you live away from home, share your moving day experience. If you commute, do you feel like you are missing out on a true college experience?

I freaking commute for a total of 4 HOURS A DAY. Well because most students here commute (being near the place, those Manila kids) I think I’m not missing much. Also, crazy stuff like inuman sessions are not really a trend in the dorms in Manila, I think. Dormitories and condominiums near the campus are pretty conservative and strict. Well anyway, that’s what the parents paid for. Also, I’m not really into THAT college experience so yeah, definitely not missing out.

Day 4 – Describe the best party experience you’ve had so far.

I don’t really go to parties but when I do, I GO TO GENERAL ASSEMBLIES LOL.

The best party I think was the general assembly of engineering students at SM Skydome. It was a dance competition (party) so yeah. Or wait, was that a party or just a simple event? Well, I’ve been invited to several acquaintance parties in our department which were held at some bars around Metro Manila which I refused to go. Yeah.

Day 5 – Who is the best friend you’ve met at college? How did you meet and what sort of adventures have you had?

Well I have several  people I consider as ‘best friends’ in college but I think my best-est college friend will be this guy named JC Sioson. He’s my seatmate at several  subjects where we are arranged alphabetically when I was in first year. We started talking about G-Blogs and other (vintage) source of hacks for the cellphone. Then we started talking about news on technology and so on. That was the first and last time we became classmates but due to our org, we got to catch up with each other. We had several agaw buhay moments actually. Being stuck in waist-deep flood, running for what we thought was a kidnap attempt, pulling an all-nighter at his condo’s lobby to finish MY project (haha) so yeah.  We’ve been through a lot. That short brother of mine, haha (Full Metal Alchemist reference, lol).

Day 6 – If you live in the dorms, tell us about your roommates/floormates. 

I don’t but I’ll be living in an apartment next year hopefully and my future roommates are Leidi and Kim! They are my best friends in my class, we like mocking systems together, suggesting economical alternatives and criticizing the unpractical, inefficient and ineffective designs of things because that’s how we roll. We like minimizing our costs (and routes) as much as possible. We also like questioning how the society works, ending in “gusto kong maging president ng Pilipinas“-like conclusions. XD I really like these girls.

Day 7 – What is your field of study? How did you come to this decision, and how many times have you changed your mind? 

Industrial engineering like a boss! Well, this was a very spontaneous decision actually. Just saw it on the list and thought “Looks cool bro” and pursued it! Well IE fits my personality perfectly, being a jack of all trades (master of none) person that I am fond of being. Due to ‘mother pressure’ (lol) I actually tried shifting to electronics engineering, but realized if I will shift, I’ll choose computer science because that’s where I’m good at. But nah, I can’t see myself just being the employee, coding forever. I wanna be the boss.