Oh hi, I decided to properly blog again.

So I imported all my posts from my Blogspot (which was titled ‘Faye’s Book’, mehehe) to Tumblr. Many thanks to this importer.

Last post in this blog: June 14, 2010. Many things have changed since then, including my fangirl prospects and my way of blogging. I was reading my old posts and was like, lol, so childish. THOUGH I am still childish blogging-wise, it’s just that I’m more childish back then, fangirling over L4D2’s Ellis, the starter Pokemons of Pokemon Black/White and the costumes on S4 League

I noticed that I don’t have concrete memories of stuff that happened for the past year, well because I stopped properly blogging for a year. What I did was just microblogging in Tumblr to post short memories of events because I don’t really had the time to create lengthy blog post about what happened. Memories are really important to me especially my not-so personal accounts, because even though they are equally important as my personal ones, I tend to forget those stuff more easily. Plus, my mother bought us new nifty keyboard which makes typing so fun, hence this rare diligence of typing a long blog post. XD

On this new blog, I’m planning to blog about events that I attend to (other than anime conventions, because I am not in touch with the community anymore due to academic reasons, not that I’m a big part of the community but yeah, I used to be active), add reviews about stuff (to compensate for the frustration that what I write can never be good enough for a TomWeb feature article, lol) and maybe share amusing things from the Internet other than what I reblog in this blog. Being in a university-wide organization gave me opportunities to be part of exciting activities, including a web design conference of the Philippine Web Designers Organization which I attended for free (saved Php2000 bitches!) and more. So I’m going to blog about those.

TomasinoWeb is planing loads of interesting activities and I’m gonna blog about the progress (if secrecy is not necessary) and the results. I’m also going to blog Mozilla stuff here in the Philippines! The cause of the foundation is really something which is necessary in this generation, it is worth checking out.