BRB on Hiatus

So yeah. I’m going to leave this blog for a while because school will start on Wednesday and it’ll be pretty hectic (ugh majoring years) so, yeah. I must lessen the time I spend doing absolutely unproductive things on the computer so I must stop watching animu and similar shiz.

Random stuff before ending this post..

Oh, there’s Toycon 2010 on the 19th! I heard that Tuxedo Team will be attending. Baaaww, I cannot because I’m broke, too bad. Have fun, to those who can attend.

FMA Brotherhood manga has ended, I heard. And with the release of FMA Brotherhood 61, there are only 2 episodes to go before the finale.

Ugh, I must finish watching Liar Game 2! The show ended months ago and I’m still on episode something.

Check out Yankee- kun to Megane- chan! IT HAS KANATA HONGO IN IT, YOU KNOW.