Otaku Taiiki

August 23, 2009
SM Megatrade Hall 3
An event organized by the people behind Otakuzine mag and other events like Cosplay Mania and Ozine Fest. I really had fun! I saw loads of dA people. There were anime geeks everywhere!

Complete pics here.

We were too early so we decided to chill at Starbucks on the 4th floor.
Ticket number 61! Early birds are early.

Hai thur Hetalia’s Italy and Gurren Lagann’s Yoko! >:3 Pasta~

Vocaloid’s Hatsune Miku and my sister

K-On! people. Mica (discordia24 on dA) on the left.

Kuroshitsuji’s Meirin!

We got exhausted and tired so we took a stroll outside the venue.

We spotted this Timezone game, Guitar Hero! Hooray! No one’s playing so we grabbed the guitars immediately. In Timezone Trinoma, this game is so in-demand. I have never tried playing it there, because it is usually surrounded by lots of people.

We also dropped by Power Books…

..and Bubble Tea. My sister wants her bubbles, NAO.

We spotted these Wii imitations! LOL, WiWi and Vii!

We headed back to Megatrade Hall 3 and arrived just in time for the Cosplay Competition.
These are my favorites:
After the competition, I approached the Gosiengfiao sisters and took these:

Aside from spotting Internet celebrities and dA people, I also spotted an old friend, Moses!

ZOMG this post is so loaded with pictures! That’s all for this post!

Cosplay Mania and UAAP cheerdance competition on Sept. 13! I’m planning to attend Cosplay Mania after watching the cheerdance competition. XD
I saw this on Alodia’s dA journal:

That’s me and my sister, being members of the paparazzi! XD

That’s how I took the photos of the Gosiengfiao sisters. XD