10 Signs You Are An Easterner

Inspired by 11 Signs You’re A North Girl. Why is the title not ‘East Girl’, you ask? Because equality.

1. Popular meet-up places are all convenient for you to go

Makati? Sure! Katipunan? No sweat! Ortigas? No problem! Cubao? G! Actually, anywhere is convenient that you’re probably just lazy to go further north or south.

2. Everything is actually near… if there’s no heavy traffic.


3. You ride patok jeeps on a daily basis

You have probably been on one of those jeeps that go VERY fast, even on an uphill zigzag, with songs booming with bass, as if making your heart pound fast with the driving isn’t enough. Some roads can get very wide and roomy that jeepney drivers even attempt to dance with the beat. And by dancing I mean, they actually freaking try to make the jeepney dance. Oh, don’t forget: “Diretso lang po, bawal ang malapit” and “Galing po tayong terminal (which doesn’t officially exist), diretso po ang bayad“. Where did those rules even come from? Hello LTFRB?

4. You know a lot of routes going to the metro

C6, Floodway, Ortigas Extn, Marcos Hiway, Imelda Ave. Easterners have a lot of alternate routes that you are always sure to find a way home. We even have routes to Quezon and Laguna. Unless it floods, everything will be fine.

5. For your tea fix, you go to the nearest Infinitea

Because you know, you have no choice. Marikina may have a lot more options but further east, Infinitea stores have been appearing one after another. This is how we do.

6. You eat malunggay pandesal and toasted siopao on a daily basis.

You have probably noticed the rapid increase of Budongs and 3N Bakeries. You have probably joined the long queues, even.

7. C5 and Ortigas Ave Extn can be your best friends and your worst enemies.

If they don’t cooperate, it’s either you go around and end up on EDSA or take the rocky road of C6. Now choose.

8. You have second thoughts on going to a place that isn’t exactly reachable by MRT/ LRT.

What about your stored value card, right?

9. You have probably tried sitting on a center seat or being a sabit on a jeep.

Places in the east do not have strict rules against overloading a jeepney. When you go further east, who cares about being a sabit even if the road is a downhill zigzag with a looming cliff at the side of the road?

10. Why go to Tagaytay when you have Antipolo?

Anyone wanna go to LA (Lower Antipolo)? Or the Upper East Side? But then again I may be just biased.


Something inaccurate? Something I missed? Share it on the comments section! :p